My AdoreMe Lingerie Set !!!!!….

OMG!!! Guys I did it again, I got my lingerie from Adore Me and I love it. I was so impressed with the quality and the packaging and the amazing good deals they have. I would totally encourage you to give this company a try and not only that become a VIP Member and enjoy all the goodies. #ILoveAdoreMe!



Finally Obtained My XO VoxBox !!!

Thank you to Influenster for this amazing opportunity, I am really excited to test all these products and be able to purchase them at my local drugstores. I am so excited for the Colgate Optic White Built in Whitening Pen !!!! I encourage you beauty girls you love to give reviews and share products to try out this website, go join and be part of the influenster family.

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Kmart Goodies On Clearance !!!!

I am happy to say KMART surprises me everyday, I was able to get these goodies this week and I cannot believe the price I pay for them. Once again I have to say I am speechless with KMART’S prices. I found many Color Workshop sets for only $2.50 and $1.24, I cannot believe that. I also found Calgon Hand Lotions for only $3.00 and OLAY products for sale. I was so happy to finally get my hand on the OLAY BB CREAM for only $6.00 and the VA-VA VIVID set for $3.00, nothing beats that price. Happily thankful for all the products I was able to find. I would love to see what goodies you guys find at your Local KMART !!!!

Ps. Love You To The Moon And Back !!!!

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KMART Haul !!!! Found Awesome Deals On Makeup !……….

                         Guys, I’m so excited about these awesome deals I found at my local KMART this week. I was able to find many items in clearance like the Physicians Formula Cashmere wear, I also found E.L.F, Almay, Covergirl, Milani, L’Oreal, Revlon, NYC, Maybelline, Wet N Wild, and many other brands for such an awesome price. I really encourage you guys to go to your local KMART and show me on instagram or facebook the items you were able to find. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram : _biancabarrera

Facebook: Pretty Chandelier Fashion Blog

Ps. If you would like to know the color of any product comment below and I will answer your request, also if you want lipstick or nail polish swatches please tell me and I will upload pictures.

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Dollar Tree Haul !!!! I found amazing goodies this week….

Hello Guys, I have been really late on posting this whole week and I am so sorry. I have been really busy with work and school, however, I haven’t forgotten about you guys. This week I went shopping to a lot of my local drugstore and also did some online shopping. I went to Kmart, Walmart, Dollar Tree, and did online shopping on E.L.F and Hautelook. I found amazing deals guys, that I can’t believe my eyes. First up is the Dollar Tree, I found a lot of Milani, Maybelline, L’Oreal, NYC, L.A Colors, and Sassy Chic products. I spend a Total of  $38.05, this was such a great deal to find at my Dollar Tree.

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I have new products coming your way !! Inexpensive and great quality :)

I have being getting awesome deals at my local Kmart and have a lot to catch up with you guys. There is new Wet N Wild nail polish I bought, there’s Wet N Wild lipsticks I got from their new collection. I also was able to order new brushes from Amazon for $9.99 that are compared to the sigma brushes. I am excited to show you what I got and the reviews I will be doing on these products. Excited for tomorrows post, stay tune and remember to follow my social media to stay in touch on what I’m up to. There’s a lot of goodies coming your way, and not only that I found awesome products at my dollar tree.


Wet N Wild 2015 Nail Polish Collection !! ONLY $0.99 CENTS !!

B-APeDgCIAAyMJDI was really impress when I heard that Wet N Wild had a better formula, new packaging coming out. I stopped at my local Kmart and saw these beautiful colors for just $0.99 cents, I knew I had to try them out. At that time I only bought 4, and because I liked the texture and the color, I went back to get more. I really like how with two coats you are good to go. If you would like swatches and pictures of how the color looks just comment and I will post that for you all. I recommend trying these nail polish, they are inexpensive and they bring awesome pigmentation and quality to your nails.



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